According to common wisdom mass unemployment in the early thirties was a key prerequisite for the soaring Nazi vote. Because of data restricitions up to now it was not possible to test this hypothesis empirically. By emplyoing new econometric techniques this analysis for the first time shows an intuitively plausible positive nexus between unemplyoment and Nazi vote.
Based on this result different counterfactual labour market policies, resulting fiscal cost and electoral impact are simulated. The results indicate that effective labour market policies - in this context policies that would have prevented the Nazi Seizure of Power - were in fact in the fiscal room of manoeuvre for the Weimar governments.
This book contains a synthesis of state-of-the-art economic, politico-scientific and human-geographic approaches and is currently the methodologically most comprehensive empirical analysis of Weimar voting behaviour. It contains 35 figures, among others numerous maps showing the spatial patterns of voting results and sociostructural variables in the Weimar Republic.

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